About me

Rednerin Astrid Brüggemann

Astrid Brüggemann on stage

A professional wanderer between worlds for decades where rigid business and smooth storytelling shaped my heart and brain; feeling at home in the corporate world, on the stage and in my coaching studio. I am a very proud mum of two adult children who are living great lives.

  • Speaker with more than 280 speeches and an audience of thousands of enthusiastic listeners that has kept me at the top of my game.
  • Speed Reading Trainer, Mental Trainer, Personal Coach, Learning Coach, Hypnotherapist
  • Master of Arts in German language and literature and ethnology.
  • Business economist and financial controller

Training Programs That Push You

Speed Reading Training

Motion Reading® is a technique with which knowledge can be acquired extremely quickly.

  • Basic Training: Faster reading and successful learning.
    You can quickly absorb essential information from texts.
    You keep everything important.
    Your productivity, performance and mood will increase.
    Your ability to concentrate will improve.
  • Advanced Training: You deepen all Motion Reading® techniques. You deepen all efficiency strategies. You get much deeper into mnemonics. You remove obstacles to learning.
    You are developing an extremely useful ability: We decouple your inner time from your outer time. You learn how to stretch your time and therefore never again have the feeling of being under pressure while reading and learning.
  • Master Training: You learn to put yourself in a flow state in seconds and enjoy deceleration and stress reduction while improving your reading and learning performance.
    You create your personal memory palace; this is a powerful mnemonic technique known since ancient times.

Mental Power Program

With Mental Power life is a stroll. Full of ease and full of life. Your stress decreases and your relaxation increase in everyday life, you gain time because it requires minimal time commitment.

I tested my training program intensively: I just wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, but doing it as a stroll. It was possible!

  • Summit 1: Awareness. Being aware of paradigms that drive our lives unconsciously, although they hurt and limit us.
  • Summit 2: Growth. Part of growth is to discover that crises are really hidden opportunities. Setbacks are gifts of life.
  • Summit 3: Realization. Only the realization of your dreams and visions will form you to the person you are meant to be.
  • Mental Power Program Realization Growth Awareness

    Develop your Mental Power in a highly efficient online training.

    3 Summits, 3 Modules. Break your chains!