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What is the workshop about?

  • Change annoying habits
  • Let go of disturbing beliefs
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Train mental strength

Experience more ease!
Life is a stroll.

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Mental Power Program

It is based on 3 summits:

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I am a professional wanderer between worlds for decades where rigid business an smooth storytelling shaped my heart and brain;
feeling at  home in the corporate world, on the stage and in my coaching studio.
I am a very proud mom of two adult children who are living great lives.

  • Speaker with more than 150 speeches and an audience of thousands of enthusiastic listeners that has kept me at the top of my game.
  • Mental Trainer, Personal Coach, Learning Coach, Hypnotherapist
  • Master of Arts in German language and literature and ethnology.
  • Business economist and financial controller.