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What is Mental Strength?

Yes, what is, Mental Strength? I want to describe two extreme poles here. An exaggeration is more comprehensible and definable:


Positive Pole – Mental Strength

In a professional environment, there are people who set goals, act accordingly and are successful with it. They walk around without difficulty, they set their priorities consciously and purposefully. They know exactly how much they can demand of themselves and they do not allow anything or anyone to cross certain boundaries in the long term.

They communicate transparently, clearly and appreciatively to colleagues or employees. Leaders or colleagues with such calibre leaves everyone aware of what their values and opinions are. This may sometimes be exhausting in some cases, but on the whole, it is very stress-free, because these people do not need to pretend. They know exactly who they are, what they stand for and what they are capable of. They think “I act in a way so that I win and my opponents also wins”.

They actively use their thoughts, emotions and actions for their own well-being and the well-being of others.

Negative Pole – Mental Weakness

Well, then there are those who have dreams that they call goals. They act speedily, antagonistically, not knowing exactly where their actions lead and do not check. They are frustrated, complaining about difficulties and often blaming others. The boss is stupid, the colleagues are annoying and the workload is getting more and more and worse.

People like this often abuse colleagues or team members, abuse internally and rarely in reality. They might think “I don’t like working with you” but then say “I’m having so much fun”. Working with them can be exhausting and annoying because they are very insecure and have many fears. These people are often two faced showing their charm to the executives byt treat everyone else like garbage. They think “My opponent must lose so that I can win”.

They have no control over their thinking or their feelings, let alone their actions, because they only react passively.

Benefits of Mental Strength

Do you recognize yourself with certain aspects of one or the other descriptions above? To be completely the one or the other type, is rather the exception. In reality, most people will be somewhere in between these two poles. Life has a way of teaching us again and again, giving us many experiences and opportunities to move from mental weakness state of mind to a powerful state of mind.

I chose very clearly toward the positive pole. I examine all possible problems within this facet: Do I really actively use all my mental muscles? Or am I going wherever the current takes me?

Try and imagine similar questions when the opportunity presents itself to you. One thing I can assure you is that if you take the time to train your mental muscles a little bit every day, you will actually achieve what you want in less time. You will handle all difficulties better. You will be more relaxed, healthy and live your life with more ease.

This is what I wish for you!

Take a browse through my website and you will find more suggestions on how to strengthen your mental muscles.

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