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Mental muscles

What do you think: Is there such a thing as mental muscles?

Have you ever been to the gym? Or do you know someone who has? We can train our bodies which results in more physical power. Perhaps you have a specific target, or want to participate in a contest or a marathon. Or you just want to be increase your fitness and be more energetic.

The concept behind it is very familiar: with training, we gain strength, speed, agility and stamina. You get what you train for.

Mental training

Weirdly enough, many do not draw this conclusion when it comes to their own mind.

Again, and again, my observation is that people remain in narrow thinking structures. They cannot consider or see alternatives because limitations are not questioned.

They stick with familiar viewpoints, even though they can cause painful situations and they drain energy out of your life. People almost always stay in difficult situations because they are comfortable rather than changing.

What we miss with such thinking, is that we do not observe all variables and we are not open for alternative opportunities, even while daily life might seem hard and grey.

The reason for this is human nature. The brain needs 20% of energy although it is only 2% of the body mass. Therefore, our brain is a master of energy saving! This is an important key factor.

To be stuck in this mode has multiple effects and you have a disadvantage and an advantage:

The disadvantage is that the brain likes doing what it has always done and think the way it has always thought. Particularly in situations that are unpleasant.

The advantage is from the other side of the coin. Because when the brain is so keen to stick to familiar thinking patterns, you have an opportunity to consciously observe your own habits and consciously decide to adopt new habits. Although this requires a certain amount of mental muscle, it is surprisingly very easy! Then, the brain will love the new habit even more because of its amazing energy saving quality.

Positive Mental Training

“Sow a thought and reap an action. Sow an action, and reap a habit. “(German saying)

A few minutes of mental training each day refreshes and strengthens the mental muscles. Interestingly we can only grow muscles with the power of thought in our mind. It is therefore possible to train your own mental strength . The effect is just like physical training. You gain more and more of your mental and spiritual power.

How can you train? In fact, it is very easy: pay attention to your habits and pay attention to what works well. Set your focus on the things that you find good and that will take you forward. If something feels hard or you have the feeling of being unable to change something, then give yourself a little break. Retreat deliberately from everyday life, this will often only take a few minutes, and then allow yourself to dream about how it might run differently. You can only become your reality when you imagine it!

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