be afraid no thanks

Be afraid! No thanks.

You will probably meet people that you admire a lot, professionally and personally, because they have exciting ideas and special talents. These people inspire you and enrich your life. But they too can be unhappy with themselves and be afraid. They stay in the same state every day and do nothing to change it.
This is the sad thing; someone who does the same thing, day in and day out to their own detriment, leaving their own capabilities to collect dust in the attic.

You should rather think; if something is not working, then you should try something different. The interesting thing is; if something does not work and you want to try it somehow differently, then it does not matter in which direction you make that change because every change has more chances to succeed than the old way.
This is exactly the logical conclusion that you can use to shape your life. However, many people continue to be dissatisfied with their lives or parts of their lives for a long time and do nothing about it. The reason for this is often not just staying in bad habits, which is an aggravating factor but it’s not the main reason. The main reason is fear.

So much fear…

Fear of new things, fear of change, fear of loss, fear of uncertainty, fear of loneliness, fear of existential threats, this list could be endless.

This is not necessary! No one is at the mercy of their own fear, but you can do something about it! Everyone has the opportunity to do something about their own fears.

… you can beat them

What does it take to beat your own fear? There are two ways.

The first one is to have a strong will to address the issue. You have to overcome the dissatisfaction to change, to deal with your own limitations and fears. Without willpower, nobody changes their fears.

We cannot prevent random strokes of fate but we always have the ability to change how we evaluate situations. Sometimes, life is kind enough to give you a kick up the A … Sometimes, outside circumstances initiate change and force you to do something, this would be the second way. Disease come, suddenly you are divorced, you lose your job or life makes some other unpleasant demands.

If you are in such a crisis, there is no positive thinking, putting lipstick on a pig, or lying to yourself that will do you any good. First, you should lick your own wounds. Then reflect on the whole situation from all angles and go through the experience of feeling horrible. Everyone knows, this is an important phase that you need to complete.

But at some point, it’s time to rise. Get up, shake off the dust and adjust your crown.

Success differs from failure only by one fact: You get up more often than you fall down. Just get up once more, that’s enough.

Look closely!

When you’re back on your feet again, take an honest account of your crisis. It really helps you to feel better about the situation. Was there a deeper reason for the crisis? What can you learn from this? Can anything be done differently in the future? What strength is suddenly visible?
It may also be a rewarding exercise to look into the future. How can you take advantage of what you have learnt?
It may also be rewarding to look into the future. How can you use what you have learnt to your own advantage? What can you develop from it?

Fear can be a good advisor. After all, we are the descendants of those who ran away from the sabre-toothed tigers.

So, look closely: Is the fear just there to cripple you or is it a legitimate warning?

Once there was someone, terrified of making mistakes. Another said to him: “The biggest mistake you are making, is to not try anything new!”

Oops, to the illusionary giant

Fear has an amazing characteristic: it’s an illusionary giant. It is stronger when you look away and try to ignore it. You can use this aspect!

If you consider it carefully and look closely and it will become smaller.

How does that work? You can design your own worst-case scenario and see exactly what can happen; for example, imagine what would happen if you actually throw in your job and do what you’ve been dreaming about for a long time? Or if you actually let go of the partner who does no good to you anymore. Intensively considered; worst-case scenarios lose their horror, because suddenly you get new ideas to why it may not be so bad after all and an alternative comes to light that was not previously visible.

Be afraid! No thanks.Take a close look! Do the piranhas in the picture really look that terrible or are they not rather amusing because they are completely harmless with their funny rubber teeth?

And besides: it’s just a picture, not reality, like many fears… which you have the control over of how you think about it.

Life is a stroll!

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